Muriwai Sunset Lovers 

- Denise + Stehann


When Denise reached out to me on Instagram, she told me all about the love story her and Stehann shared so far and I knew it was going to be an amazing time basking in the sunshine at Muriwai Beach, in West Auckland.

Denise and Stehann found love via Instagram when Stehann reached out to Denise to ask about life in New Zealand from his home town in South Africa, Denise had moved from South Africa to New Zealand 15 years earlier so she was a good informant for the dos and don'ts of leaving S.A and coming to NZ. Questions about flights and transit quickly turned into questions about love and each other as they got to know each other more and more. Stehann decided it was time to take the jump and booked himself a one-way flight to New Zealand to be with the girl of his dreams, a wee while later they adopted Leo and completed their wee family. (Well, for now, Denise is convinced they need more dogs and I can't blame her) The west coast beach was the perfect backdrop for their session as they love spending their weekends here, mix that with an incredible sunset and you have a recipe for loved up goodness!

Denise and Stehann were such good sports, embracing the water and each other fully! Make sure you check out the last photo it is a winner for sure  😂


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