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Nathan Homestead Wedding 

- Elesha + Josiah 


When I first meet Elesha + Josiah, for the sunrise lovers session I knew their big day was going to be magic and they sure delivered! With Elesha's stunning lace dress that matched her personality perfectly and the beautiful natural tones of the rest of the wedding party, it was a match made in heaven. Elesha + Josiah, thought of every little detail to make their big day the perfect combination of romance and class, I mean just look at those bouquets! I am in love!

When I asked Elesha + Josiah what they were most looking forward to now that they were married, their answer "never having to leave each other again", well if that isn't the answer of an in-love couple I have no idea what is!

The day started with the boys and girls helping Elesha + Josiah get ready, there was wine, shoe shinning, ooo's and ahhh's and even a few happy tears when Elesha's sister saw her beautiful sister in her wedding gown getting ready to walk down that aisle to the love of her life. After a stunning ceremony completed with prayers and good wishes for the new Mr + Mrs, we headed around the Nathan homesteads grounds, in Auckland to capture some images of these two lovers, from rich native bushes to big light windows of the Nathan Homestead, we had all the angles covered, even with the rain pouring down as the evening approached.

We then headed in to join the party, with cake to cut and speeches to enjoy, Elesha + Josiah were truly surrounding by incredible friends and family!

But don't just take my word on it, feast your eyes on this spring wedding goodness!



Venue - Nathan Homestead

Grooms Suit + Groomsmens outfits - Hallenstines

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