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Hello hello, 

Thank you so much for stopping by, when starting out as a photographer, I didn't know which way was up haha!

From how to edit to creating guides to help my beautiful clients feel at ease, a few years later I have finally created a range of products that not only help me but also my beautiful clients feel amazing about their adventure to come and now I am here to share that knowledge with you, save you doing too much of the leg work.

*Part of proceeds from each sale goes to charities


These presets are my go-to everyday presets, from weddings and boudoir to families and portraits, these presets allow warm tones to shine through while keeping colours true and skin tones rich.

Onyx is a filmy vibe filled Black + White with loads of beautiful grain and true blacks 





01. Collection includes two coloured presets and one black + white preset


02. Presets are designed to, maintain consistency, speed up your editing process and streamline your workflow, not fix it, photography is more than taking a photo and slapping a preset on it, no matter how good it is 😉

03. I shoot RAW always and recommend using only RAW files with these presets 

04. I shoot Sony but these presets have been tested on Canon, Nikon and Fuji files.

05. I shoot my white balance in Kelvin


06. SUPPORT ARTISTS, BUY PRESETS, DON'T TRADE. Be a good person, support artists by purchasing preset, if not I will find you and I will corrupt your cards, you were warned!

07. Presets are digital files and require Adobe Lightroom to be used

08. Files are sent via email, so be sure that your email is correct 

09. All sales are final


Gem Collection

I can't wait to see the magic you create with these presets! Be sure to use #wanderlustingpresets

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