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Wild Backyard Wedding 

- Kellie + Dylan 


When these two beautiful souls decided to get hitched, they did so in their own backyard which has been owned by Kellie's family for a wee while, this land has raised not only her but also her mama, land past from generation meant when Kellie + Dylan decided to say I DO they did so surrounded by generations of loved ones as they shoot hand in hand in their family graveyard.

I had the honour of getting to know Kellie + Dylan as I captured their engagement session in the stunning Huia, on Auckland's West Coast (be sure to check it out), just up the road to where they got married on a wet and wild Saturday. They were a couple that you felt so comfortable with, with their huge hearts and personalities, I could tell this was gonna be a fun wedding and it didn't disappoint! They took everything in their stride and enjoyed the rain when the heavens opened, danced the night away and shared so much love and laughter with all the loved ones that had joined them! Just goes to show if you embrace it the weather doesn't affect your big day!


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