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Free-spirited Boho Weding 

- Tamar + Daniel


Capturing these two cuties just warmed my heart, the free-spiritedness and pure love they had for each other was beautiful to be apart of.

Tamar and Daniel meet in their early teens, finding kindred spirits within each other, Daniel was a young hot-headed wild child (as per the speeches from friends and family) and Tamar was a strong-willed free-spirt and from the moment they met their friends and family knew they had found the one where their hearts belonged, from high school to owning a house, running a business and having two of the cutest kids ever these two grew strong together and their day reflected that, surrounded by friends and family, Tamar walked barefoot down the aisle, Daniel spoke his vows with the rawest emotion I had ever seen and after they said, I do and walked back up their aisle it was time for shots of tequila, my kinda people!  

Venue - Makoura Lodge

Dress - Spell


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